Westinghouse Water Refiners

Provide you with an enhanced sense of lifestyle.

Due to the ease of use, and luxurious lifestyle enhancements, you are apt to feel a sense of improvement in your day to day life.

Enhanced Life

Westinghouse Water Refining Systems will enhance your life. How you ask? Glassware comes straight from the dishwasher, crystal clear. No more hard water spots, no more soap residue, the same goes for stemware and flatware.

Slide to the bathroom and you’ll experience pure pleasure in the shower and bathtub. Refined Westinghouse water rinses away all soap and cleaning products completely, leaving you with nothing but soft manageable skin and hair. Experience the luxury of a shave in refined water. Razor blades will last longer and shave you closer.

Westinghouse refines your water to the point that your water becomes a powerful solvent - all by itself. That’s right, your water can lift stains and clean surfaces. Eliminating tough stains brought on by your old water, combined with the benefit of water that now cleans, not only reduces your cleaning time, but also the need for harsh, sometimes toxic cleaners in your home. Now that’s delightful, day after day!